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Set it and forget it. We all like getting things done that don’t require much thought or effort, don’t we? Is homeowner’s insurance one of those things? Can’t we just deal with it once and forget about it until we need it? Though it’s tempting to think this is the case, it’s not. READ MORE >>

Everyone in Florida knows about the cost of hurricanes. Every homeowner also knows about the building code. What every homeowner doesn’t know is that the building code is frequently changing. Just because your home may have been “up to code” when it was built, doesn’t mean it is now. READ MORE >>

Don’t be that guy. You know the one, the guy who knows he needs insurance, so he buys something that sounds good without really understanding what’s covered, how its covered, or what takes away coverage. Don't be him. Start by learning what’s in your policy and how much coverage you have. READ MORE >>

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